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Over My Head II

OK, you asked me so badly, that from now on I’m gonna do it every month:

Over My Head is now OFFICIAL!

(if you did not saw the first, click here!)

Today I’ll talk about headpieces, tiaras, headbands. Only fresh things for this season.


You’ll see that this post is way more weareble than my other ones, but fashion is not made only of Haute, right?!!

There’s tons of styles and ocasions to wear headpieces, it’s all up to you choose yours. Maybe casual, fancy, fierce, steampunk, romantic and even for gala…










Our best wishes to Philip Treacy, William Chambers, Stephen Jones and all the glamorous brands who made it!

Almost finishing:

I’M SO SORRY I’VE BEEN NOT POSTING AS MUCH AS I USE TO! For now on, I’ll probably do it twice a week.
Yeah, busy times! 😉

I’m always open for your suggestions, see? heheheheh



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