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Over My… NECK!

I was loking for scarfs another day, and I realized that I only know one way to use it (the European Loop).
Yeah, that’s really bad, because don’t matter how beautiful and different my scarves are, they will look all the same thing!

I was so unhappy with this, that I started to look for every possible way to roll it around my neck and in this search found this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G video at YouTube. Now I’m sharing it with you, even because I know how much a scarf can increase an outfit!

So, here is 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes…

There’s a few ideas of scarves for you, hope you like…

Banana Republic


Alexander McQueen (L)

Givenchy                                                                      Cartier

Diane Von Furstenberg


                          Balenciaga              Comme des Garçons                Asos

Louis Vuitton


Betsey Johnson                 Ecotoosh                       Twenty8Twelve

Jimmy Choo                Ed Hardy                   Nordstrom





                   Yves Saint Laurent              Emanuel Ungaro            Valentino




                         Nadja Slovieva                   Tiffany                            Anjana




These I’ll call Brandless because I don’t know who made them!! SORRY.

My dear and eternal love, Hermès, deserve a post only about their scarves, and I’ll do it, but I couldn’t let them out of this post.

So, my sweeties, I only choose scarves perfect for summer and mid-season but that you can also use’em in winter.
I love when women use them with brooches and you should wait for my next REALLY REALLY REALLY special post to see that!

LOVE you guys!! 😉




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