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Embroider Me

Once upon a time…
There was a little boy, flipping through a magazine…
When suddenly his eyes  stared the most beautiful things he have ever seen…
Pages full of embroideries.

Dazzled with the sparkle and the brilliance of those details
He opened his eyes to a whole new world of fantasy.

And, since that moment when he was 8 years old,
He became obsessed by embroideries.
By the magical way in which they are made…

And that was the day he started to love fashion!


Yeah… That’s my history! haha
I never understood why, but I felt so delighted, so captivated by the cristals, the sparkles, the care with the special sewing threads, the colors and the high difficulty of that work (in a way that I never felt again… yet) that I became a passionate.

I feel a passion and a need for Couture that I can’t express… Yes, I feel a little stupid saying that! hahaha


I could never do a post like this without Lesage’s embroideries…
But we lost François Lesage this year and I’ll make a post only about him!

I could never let my major inspiration to perfection out of this blog!

Hope you dream too!

Sorry the lazy to make new posts… End of year, you know 😉



Paulo Clausen

PS: You NEED to see those images larger!!!!


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