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Mother’s Day is already here, but I won’t post anything extremaly melodramatic or how wonderful and important they are.

This is a post about the most stylish, fierce and powerful mother ever, our eternal inspiration…

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, or like we used to know her,

Jackie O.

Always remembered as a style and fashion icon, was married to John Kennedy, and after his death, married to the “poor” magnate Aristoteles Onassis (I’ll never forgive her to take Callas man! NEVER!!!!!!!).
Mother of four, had a remarcable sense of style and was a trend woman without lose her atemporal fashion soul or her own sense of fashion. This is a Mother’s Day inspirational post for all mums around the world…


She had a originality that no one can deny, was always unique and loyal to her, independent of what or who was wearing.
Minimalizing, mixing different styles and wearing pieces with perfect fit, she built a fashion legacy that fashionists all around the universe copy.
Got in Top 10 lists of best dressed and Top Styles ranks, always headed the Best Sixties Style Icon.

Known as the best dressed First Lady in history, supported her problematic marriages with shoppings.





But she wasn’t too different of normal women: was famous for her love for french labels like Chanel, Dior and Givenchy. Also for Carolina Herrera and Oleg Cassini.

Something about her that always intrigated me is that in every video or photo that I saw, SHE IS SPARKLING. She always seems standing out in the crowd, did you notice that? She was so iconic that people used to have a distance of her.




Before I finish it up, I need to highlight how intelligent and smart was her, because she wasn’t just a pretty face and cute clothes.

High school at The Chapin School, graduated in French Literature at George Washington University, after Onassis death, tooke a job as editor at Doubleday (before Kennedy she had a column at Washington Times-Herald).

She died at 1994 with 64 years only, and we world lost one of our most incredible woman ever!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY FOR YOU ALL! Love, hugs, chocolates, Balenciaga dresses and Hermès scarves to you!


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Cate Blanchett Liked It!!

How weird is androgyny? I don’t care, I am fascinated for it!
I’m not only talking about boys who looks like girls and girls who looks like boys, my real fascination is for women that increased their wardrobes with male pieces and how fierce they look in that.

Yves Saint Laurent has a huge participation in this process. In my opinion, without his women suits, we would be way far from this great style…

Boyish and androgyny are trends and have been taking bodies and hearts since Givenchy A/W 2010 (Polemic) Campaign…

There’s something around a woman in male clothes that intrigate me. Maybe is the mystery and fierce energy around them, or the way they support this style… I don’t know, problably is just the power effect they got.





But designers always give those male pieces a new girly style:

(Am I the only in love with those Kenzo oxfords?)

I couldn’t finish this post without the 2011 (It) Boyish Girl:

Also couldn’t without Cate:



There are tons of stars addept to this, but I won’t say it to use them in another post heheheheheheh.

Androginy represents power, self-security and is a huge proof of style.




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