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My love for Charles James

Charles James 1948 Collection – Portrait by Cecil Beaton for Vogue

If you are a fashionista, who knows and study fashion’s history but never heard about Charles James I have no idea where have you been and what did you study.

Charles James is the America’s first Couturier.
Just like Gabrielle Chanel, he start creating hats (in Chicago, 1026) and than moved to NYC (1928) where started to create his first dresses.


Charles is really important, probably more than you can imagine.
He influenced Monsieur Dior to create the New Look, even Galliano (while working for Dior) made a collection inspired on his creations allowed to Dior ones.. BUT DIOR AND JAMES HAVE A LONG HISTORY, I WOUKLD NEED ONE POST JUSTO FOR THEM!!

Brilliant developing new forms in fabric, Charles works was compared to that of an architect or a sculptor. Actually, he used to develop his designs as sculptures projects, bringing back romanticism and glamour to american fashion.




James is one of those rare, truly iconoclastic designers.  He was fascinated with cut and construction, experimenting with new shapes.

As you should imagine by now, he really inspire designer nowadays with his forms (like the Arc Sleeves and the Butterfly Dress, my favorite BTW).


He had his Golden Years in the 40’s, in Paris, when he showed his most brillant collections, mostly the in 1947 and 1948.
He is famous for his sculpted ball gowns made of lavish fabrics and to exacting tailoring standards, but is also remembered for his capes and coats, often trimmed with fur and embroidery, his spiral zipped dresses, and his white satin quilted jackets.


I fell in love in the moment I discover about him, and now can’t stop researching about.

I hope you got in love too.



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Mother’s Day is already here, but I won’t post anything extremaly melodramatic or how wonderful and important they are.

This is a post about the most stylish, fierce and powerful mother ever, our eternal inspiration…

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, or like we used to know her,

Jackie O.

Always remembered as a style and fashion icon, was married to John Kennedy, and after his death, married to the “poor” magnate Aristoteles Onassis (I’ll never forgive her to take Callas man! NEVER!!!!!!!).
Mother of four, had a remarcable sense of style and was a trend woman without lose her atemporal fashion soul or her own sense of fashion. This is a Mother’s Day inspirational post for all mums around the world…


She had a originality that no one can deny, was always unique and loyal to her, independent of what or who was wearing.
Minimalizing, mixing different styles and wearing pieces with perfect fit, she built a fashion legacy that fashionists all around the universe copy.
Got in Top 10 lists of best dressed and Top Styles ranks, always headed the Best Sixties Style Icon.

Known as the best dressed First Lady in history, supported her problematic marriages with shoppings.





But she wasn’t too different of normal women: was famous for her love for french labels like Chanel, Dior and Givenchy. Also for Carolina Herrera and Oleg Cassini.

Something about her that always intrigated me is that in every video or photo that I saw, SHE IS SPARKLING. She always seems standing out in the crowd, did you notice that? She was so iconic that people used to have a distance of her.




Before I finish it up, I need to highlight how intelligent and smart was her, because she wasn’t just a pretty face and cute clothes.

High school at The Chapin School, graduated in French Literature at George Washington University, after Onassis death, tooke a job as editor at Doubleday (before Kennedy she had a column at Washington Times-Herald).

She died at 1994 with 64 years only, and we world lost one of our most incredible woman ever!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY FOR YOU ALL! Love, hugs, chocolates, Balenciaga dresses and Hermès scarves to you!


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There’s something that kind of defines my personality: my passion for the past.
Mostly the glam part of it (yeah, yeah, big news!).
And last week, I’ve been  really into this. The Royal Wedding (did you heard about that? No?) brought me a nostalgic feeling for traditions and vintage things, and I’m still in this magical atmosphere (is really, really weird: feels like I’m floating alone and that, strangely, makes me happy!).

I won’t prolong it, but will tell you a thing about this wedding.
Guess what… It inspired me.

Tons of things in that event made me dream, but in the moment I saw Kate “Gorgeous” Middleton in that marvelous McQueen I said: “Grace Kelly must be getting CRAZY in her grave right now!”

Well, you’ve seen Kate’s dress. They are very different, but when I first saw her, I thought this! But yes, they’re both stunning!!!)

Soooo, this post will be about the ONE AND ONLY…


One of the most beautiful woman ever, and the prettier princess of all time, she is a legend of cinema and style icon until our days (and it seems that will be long be!). Hermès has a bag inspired by her (one of their best selling items) and beloved by fashionistas all over the world, she brought elegance to Hollywood in times when voluptous women, like Marilyn and Bardot, were the great sensations.
So this post is about Grace inspirating nowadays fashion.









Forever glorious, stylish ans inspirational!
Forever in our hearts, Grace Kelly.



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Thanks to France!

Once upon a time, there was a lady wanting to be a sculptress.
Luckily she became one of the most amazing fashion designer of all time: Alix Barton, who became MADAME GRÈS.

As if all women were greek goddesses, Grés (name of her husband Serge from back to front) dressed them in shapes that always valued their natural forms. Abusing of draped, create ethereal dresses (almost always in white, just like sculptures) that always instigated people to try to understand how could she hide miles and miles of fabric in one “simple” dress.

Against the trends of her time, her dresses was very unstructured, unadorned and extremely well constructed (well, I guess she never losted her sculptress soul) and for this reason Grès was a Haute Couture Fashion House. And just to you know that should idolize her SHE CREATE THE BLACK TUBE DRESS!!!!

I can’t never stop admiring the perfection of this details…

(YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN THINK TWICE, YOU HAVE TO OPEN FULL SIZE!!!!!!) oooooh, so kilt, that rhymed!!!!! [NOT]

One of all the thing I love about that woman, is the fact that lots of times she made the dress on the client’s body.
Used to sat that the fabric should speak by itself and molded to embrace the woman body.

Im my perception, every single Grès piece is timeless, even because occasionally a dress looking a lot like hers appears (if I were of her family, I would be rich requiring copyright).

Now tell me, what would be fashion without France?

Dreams of silk jersey for you!!!


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