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There’s something that kind of defines my personality: my passion for the past.
Mostly the glam part of it (yeah, yeah, big news!).
And last week, I’ve been  really into this. The Royal Wedding (did you heard about that? No?) brought me a nostalgic feeling for traditions and vintage things, and I’m still in this magical atmosphere (is really, really weird: feels like I’m floating alone and that, strangely, makes me happy!).

I won’t prolong it, but will tell you a thing about this wedding.
Guess what… It inspired me.

Tons of things in that event made me dream, but in the moment I saw Kate “Gorgeous” Middleton in that marvelous McQueen I said: “Grace Kelly must be getting CRAZY in her grave right now!”

Well, you’ve seen Kate’s dress. They are very different, but when I first saw her, I thought this! But yes, they’re both stunning!!!)

Soooo, this post will be about the ONE AND ONLY…


One of the most beautiful woman ever, and the prettier princess of all time, she is a legend of cinema and style icon until our days (and it seems that will be long be!). Hermès has a bag inspired by her (one of their best selling items) and beloved by fashionistas all over the world, she brought elegance to Hollywood in times when voluptous women, like Marilyn and Bardot, were the great sensations.
So this post is about Grace inspirating nowadays fashion.









Forever glorious, stylish ans inspirational!
Forever in our hearts, Grace Kelly.



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I Whip My Hair…

First of all: I’M SO SORRY FOR NOT ANSWER THE COMMENTS AND NOT VISIT YOUR BLOGS, and for not post for five days.
Busy week guys.. 😉 Also because I ended up with all the stock of photos in my Easter post haha

Cut, paint,  brush, wash…
Oh God, why do the humanity is so obsessed by hairs?
I have no idea when it started ( I supose… ALWAYS?), but every month a new hair trend appears: a new color, new treatment, cut, coiffures and the list goes on.

So, how could I have a glam fashion blog and never talk about hair? I COULDN’T!

But I won’t show you hot top trends, but what is timeless and the nowadays intrerpretation of them.
Starting with…

There’s no woman in the world that do not look splendid with it. Is the greatest symbol of elegance, and there’s SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES…




Yeah, this one is a trend, BUT is totally atemporal.




This one is not for every girl, you need bone structure to support it.




Because this shape would be nothing without him and his tiny scissor. 


This is the most fabulous hairstyle, is about the Old Hollywood Glamour that we love. Also not for everyone, needs a woman with fierce and posture to be shown (YES, the hair will be louder than you).





In the end, all the really matters is be truth to yourself, to your own style and hair type.
So, LET’S DO IT!!!! And go crazy too. hehhheheh





And to finish that,
[NO, will not be Lady Gaga or Gisele]




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More Than Lenses

We don’t care what your problem is, or what reasons do you have, if the sunlight bothers your eyes or are the flashes who disrupt your eyes…

An ugly eyeglass is unforgivable!

Framing faces, pulling up entire looks and, well, helping myopes all around the globe, an eyeglass will always be the first thing people will see when you appear.



Sunglasses are not different…
They can pull you up, but not wisely used, will pull you down!

NO, I won’t show you the down, just the beautifull/glam/crazy part…






Ageless, timeless, forever glamorous.
Season after season, eyeglasses become less for needs and more for style!

And now our eternal inspiration…

(Thanks again, L. Always inspiring me!)


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I lived all my life in a house with four women. FOUR!!!!
Today, I’m pretty sure that their PMS have always been matched just for the pleasure of annoy me!!

Oh girl, you have NO IDEA of how expert I became with this. That’s why I bring you a tutorial to make your PMS a huge atack of glamour.

1 – Play the Diva

If you will get angry, anxious or in a huge depression, MAKE OF THIS AN ACT!!!!

Throw things out the window, cups in the wall, do NOT get out of bed while make everyone your slave.
When it has already bored you…




2 – Play the Innocent

“No one understands my pain! Why don’t you love me? Don’t you know how it hurts? You never passed by what I’m going through!”

Along to this second phase is the third…

3 – Cry them Rivers

A diva never cries, she drops liquid diamonds through her eyes while she makes a scene of glamorous bipolarity. Everyone that hated you in the other stages, will show you their love.

But you NEED to cry for anything and for everything, or you won’t be the diva.




4 – Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow

For a normal PMS, you would eat tones of junk with no elegance or sense of glamour. BUT THIS IS A DIVA PMS!!!

Want Chocolate? Want ice cream, fries, cakes, chicken, pizza and pasta? OK, but choose amazing brands that makes people jealous. If you think you’re fierce enough, eat all at once, getting dirty and sexually fabulous spreading cake all over your body
Be sure someone will find you.



5 – The Grand Finale

You’re finishing a journey of madness and love by your ego and you’re the only one knowing how exhaustive was to get beautiful throughout the process.
It’s the time for head pains and cramps. Let the world know feel it with you, calling all your friends, lovers and relatives. To make it memorable, tell them all you’ve been through in this amazing (or not) week.




Well, I never said would be easy!!

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Forever Young

In this incarnation, God gave a extra piece between my legs that bothers my alter ego that, luckily [NOT], it’s a GIRL.
And NO, her name is NOT Sasha Fierce, Anything Aguillera or Lady Whatever you Want To)!!

Classical, romantic, stupid and weird as you could never imagine, she is extremely obsessed with eternal youth. She wants plastic surgeries, botox, face lifts and everything else she can buy. But I was wondering: why buy a new body, if you can wear youth?

Now tell me, which wardrobe item can be more timeless and ageless than a coat?

I don’t think it is about dress yourself ass youg ass you can (you’ll look like a stupid and old wannabe), but wear timeless itens that a 15 or a 70 years old woman can use without looks displaced from their ages.

(Oh yes, I love Burberry and Viktor & Rolf!!!)

Hope you like It!!

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Elizabeth Cleopatra Taylor

Since Liz Taylor death I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite classical movies ever…


Oh, come on, who never spent 4 hours to watch this prowess?
I must admit that my favorite thing in the movie are the outfits that she wore.
The movie won the Oscar of Best Costume Design (Renié made all the women clothes!!).

So let’s take a look:

She wears 65 different outfits throughout the movie. SIXTY FIVE!!!!!!

To finish, look this AWESOME barbie  that Mapel made of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra:

Check the similarity…

I think I know what to ask this Christmas!!!! MUUUUM…

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