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Old School…

Today is all about my vintage soul.

My constant search for balance between classic and modern always made me think about where I came from and it always reminds me to look back!

And I LOVE to look back… To those Glory Days when glamour and Couture were laws and when perfection and romance dictated all the trends.

Well, I know my vision is totally romantic and unreal… But if I can’t dream with the past and its beauty I have no idea what would I dream about!!! (Yeah, I know, but is my major inspiration!!! haha)

This saturday is my birthday and this is my post #49, so.. My post #50 will come as a birthday goft for you! ^^

But today I’m sharing a huge part of me with vintage images that, as you already know, I LOVE!!!
So enjoy it…


Hope you liked it!!

Paulo Clausen 


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Sweet Air Scape

(Play it first, then read the rest of the post)

Morning draft
Softly kissing my skin…
Like rose petals
Going through my face


The soft wind through my hair
Feeling like smooth velvet


Hard breathing comes clean
Tough thoughts became brighter.

I just need to feel the breeze between my fingers
And with my eyes closed hear the sound of the wind.



Because this is my sedative.

My lonely getaway from the mess my life has been.

(I LOVE this las photo!)


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Taking a Break!

I need to rest, take a little vacation to take back my ideas!

YES, unfortunatelly I’ll need to do a little blog vacation! As the gorgeous Brit from Style on the Couch said to me “When inspiration gets hard you should stop, throw yourself into the things you love, and watch the inspiration come back twofold.” and, of course, I TOTALLY agreed with her!
(YOU NEED TO TAKE A LOOK AT HER BLOG, HER STYLE IS JUST STUNNING, REALLY! She’s like my female version, just don’t tell her about it!! heheheheh LUV U girl!)

Anyway, I won’t say good bye, because I’ll be waiting for you when I get back!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! You make me happy with your comments, ideas and critics! You have no idea how important is to me when people enjoy my “work” once everyone else judged me for the same reasons!
I have you and your blogs deeply in my heart!!!!!

So, you may laugh but those photos make me feel in vacation, so enjoy it while I’m out!!!!



So Sweeties, Hope you don’t forget me! hehhe




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Is in the Water

I dreamed about a girl.

She was sinking and sinking but she didn’t fight against it.

With soft moves, she spread her ethereal apparel all over that dark and clean water.
She emanates light, shiniging around her and contrasting with all the deep black water.

She looks at me,
and smiling desappear through yards of silk, fading in the darkness.

I couldn’t forget her face, her smile…

I can’t forget that magic!









I got entranced with the nostalgia of her movements…

But it was just a dream.

PS: Thanks to Zena Holloway’s photos


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