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Mother’s Day is already here, but I won’t post anything extremaly melodramatic or how wonderful and important they are.

This is a post about the most stylish, fierce and powerful mother ever, our eternal inspiration…

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, or like we used to know her,

Jackie O.

Always remembered as a style and fashion icon, was married to John Kennedy, and after his death, married to the “poor” magnate Aristoteles Onassis (I’ll never forgive her to take Callas man! NEVER!!!!!!!).
Mother of four, had a remarcable sense of style and was a trend woman without lose her atemporal fashion soul or her own sense of fashion. This is a Mother’s Day inspirational post for all mums around the world…


She had a originality that no one can deny, was always unique and loyal to her, independent of what or who was wearing.
Minimalizing, mixing different styles and wearing pieces with perfect fit, she built a fashion legacy that fashionists all around the universe copy.
Got in Top 10 lists of best dressed and Top Styles ranks, always headed the Best Sixties Style Icon.

Known as the best dressed First Lady in history, supported her problematic marriages with shoppings.





But she wasn’t too different of normal women: was famous for her love for french labels like Chanel, Dior and Givenchy. Also for Carolina Herrera and Oleg Cassini.

Something about her that always intrigated me is that in every video or photo that I saw, SHE IS SPARKLING. She always seems standing out in the crowd, did you notice that? She was so iconic that people used to have a distance of her.




Before I finish it up, I need to highlight how intelligent and smart was her, because she wasn’t just a pretty face and cute clothes.

High school at The Chapin School, graduated in French Literature at George Washington University, after Onassis death, tooke a job as editor at Doubleday (before Kennedy she had a column at Washington Times-Herald).

She died at 1994 with 64 years only, and we world lost one of our most incredible woman ever!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY FOR YOU ALL! Love, hugs, chocolates, Balenciaga dresses and Hermès scarves to you!


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There’s something that kind of defines my personality: my passion for the past.
Mostly the glam part of it (yeah, yeah, big news!).
And last week, I’ve been  really into this. The Royal Wedding (did you heard about that? No?) brought me a nostalgic feeling for traditions and vintage things, and I’m still in this magical atmosphere (is really, really weird: feels like I’m floating alone and that, strangely, makes me happy!).

I won’t prolong it, but will tell you a thing about this wedding.
Guess what… It inspired me.

Tons of things in that event made me dream, but in the moment I saw Kate “Gorgeous” Middleton in that marvelous McQueen I said: “Grace Kelly must be getting CRAZY in her grave right now!”

Well, you’ve seen Kate’s dress. They are very different, but when I first saw her, I thought this! But yes, they’re both stunning!!!)

Soooo, this post will be about the ONE AND ONLY…


One of the most beautiful woman ever, and the prettier princess of all time, she is a legend of cinema and style icon until our days (and it seems that will be long be!). Hermès has a bag inspired by her (one of their best selling items) and beloved by fashionistas all over the world, she brought elegance to Hollywood in times when voluptous women, like Marilyn and Bardot, were the great sensations.
So this post is about Grace inspirating nowadays fashion.









Forever glorious, stylish ans inspirational!
Forever in our hearts, Grace Kelly.



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Glam Airport in 5 Steps

I always feel different every single time that my feet touch an airport floor.
I don’t know if it happens because of the sounds all around me,
If  the reason are the smells of the place,
Or my excitement to go traveling.
I only know that one reason is the magnificent outfits that people use to travel…

Well, at least they should wear!!!!! That’s why I bring you…

See how easy is that…

1 – 300 Pounds Luggage
You have no idea how will the weather be, so take more baggage than the airplane can support.
Of course you’ll make a scene when they want to charge the surplus, but you can’t miss the opportunity of see everyone in the airport looking how fancy you are.

2 –  A Magnificent Trench Coat
How could you be glam without a trench coat? It completes a travel diva’s look, not to mention the mysterious air that your aura will get. Without a coat you will never get the glam airport outfit.

3 – Glam Sunglasses
Traveling in daylight? Use sunglasses. Oh, it’s at night? WEAR SUNGLASSES!!! No one need to see how tired you are, much less your under circles. Well, with all the flashes your vision get kind of blurred, it’s very usefull too… (I’m supposing you’re all celebrities, right?)

4 – Medium Heels
If they are extremely high, you’ll never get confortable enough to travel, AND EVERYONE WILL NOTICE IT. Medium heels will looks way more natural and will seems that you don’t care. VEEERY GLAM!

Do I need to say more?

And now, for our inspiration…
The greatest diva of our times: DITA

Hope you use this DIY!
Love you!!


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I lived all my life in a house with four women. FOUR!!!!
Today, I’m pretty sure that their PMS have always been matched just for the pleasure of annoy me!!

Oh girl, you have NO IDEA of how expert I became with this. That’s why I bring you a tutorial to make your PMS a huge atack of glamour.

1 – Play the Diva

If you will get angry, anxious or in a huge depression, MAKE OF THIS AN ACT!!!!

Throw things out the window, cups in the wall, do NOT get out of bed while make everyone your slave.
When it has already bored you…




2 – Play the Innocent

“No one understands my pain! Why don’t you love me? Don’t you know how it hurts? You never passed by what I’m going through!”

Along to this second phase is the third…

3 – Cry them Rivers

A diva never cries, she drops liquid diamonds through her eyes while she makes a scene of glamorous bipolarity. Everyone that hated you in the other stages, will show you their love.

But you NEED to cry for anything and for everything, or you won’t be the diva.




4 – Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow

For a normal PMS, you would eat tones of junk with no elegance or sense of glamour. BUT THIS IS A DIVA PMS!!!

Want Chocolate? Want ice cream, fries, cakes, chicken, pizza and pasta? OK, but choose amazing brands that makes people jealous. If you think you’re fierce enough, eat all at once, getting dirty and sexually fabulous spreading cake all over your body
Be sure someone will find you.



5 – The Grand Finale

You’re finishing a journey of madness and love by your ego and you’re the only one knowing how exhaustive was to get beautiful throughout the process.
It’s the time for head pains and cramps. Let the world know feel it with you, calling all your friends, lovers and relatives. To make it memorable, tell them all you’ve been through in this amazing (or not) week.




Well, I never said would be easy!!

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