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Sweet Ballerina Dreams

When every girl start to think, they always dream about became the greatest ballerinas ever, dance in the best companies, shows in gorgeous stages.
All the glamour, the fantasy, the enchantement of their perfect steps and the movement of their bodies, hipnotize our eyes and souls.

This magic feeling inspired painters, photographers, movies (YEEEEEEES, Black Swan inspired this) and, of course, DESIGNERS.

(Yes, this is “Chanel Swan” in a private presentation to Karl Lagerfeld)

I know that ballerina style is very 2008, but some inspirations shoul never have seasons.

Well, House of Worth made the S/S Couture Collection ALL with tutus. Take a look…

I always wondered why do girls wanna be ballerinas when they are tiny, but in the moment you put your feets in a theatre and sit to watch a performance, you know what they fell…

Because you fell like flying.


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