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Cate Blanchett Liked It!!

How weird is androgyny? I don’t care, I am fascinated for it!
I’m not only talking about boys who looks like girls and girls who looks like boys, my real fascination is for women that increased their wardrobes with male pieces and how fierce they look in that.

Yves Saint Laurent has a huge participation in this process. In my opinion, without his women suits, we would be way far from this great style…

Boyish and androgyny are trends and have been taking bodies and hearts since Givenchy A/W 2010 (Polemic) Campaign…

There’s something around a woman in male clothes that intrigate me. Maybe is the mystery and fierce energy around them, or the way they support this style… I don’t know, problably is just the power effect they got.





But designers always give those male pieces a new girly style:

(Am I the only in love with those Kenzo oxfords?)

I couldn’t finish this post without the 2011 (It) Boyish Girl:

Also couldn’t without Cate:



There are tons of stars addept to this, but I won’t say it to use them in another post heheheheheheh.

Androginy represents power, self-security and is a huge proof of style.




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There’s something that kind of defines my personality: my passion for the past.
Mostly the glam part of it (yeah, yeah, big news!).
And last week, I’ve been  really into this. The Royal Wedding (did you heard about that? No?) brought me a nostalgic feeling for traditions and vintage things, and I’m still in this magical atmosphere (is really, really weird: feels like I’m floating alone and that, strangely, makes me happy!).

I won’t prolong it, but will tell you a thing about this wedding.
Guess what… It inspired me.

Tons of things in that event made me dream, but in the moment I saw Kate “Gorgeous” Middleton in that marvelous McQueen I said: “Grace Kelly must be getting CRAZY in her grave right now!”

Well, you’ve seen Kate’s dress. They are very different, but when I first saw her, I thought this! But yes, they’re both stunning!!!)

Soooo, this post will be about the ONE AND ONLY…


One of the most beautiful woman ever, and the prettier princess of all time, she is a legend of cinema and style icon until our days (and it seems that will be long be!). Hermès has a bag inspired by her (one of their best selling items) and beloved by fashionistas all over the world, she brought elegance to Hollywood in times when voluptous women, like Marilyn and Bardot, were the great sensations.
So this post is about Grace inspirating nowadays fashion.









Forever glorious, stylish ans inspirational!
Forever in our hearts, Grace Kelly.



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Elizabeth Cleopatra Taylor

Since Liz Taylor death I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite classical movies ever…


Oh, come on, who never spent 4 hours to watch this prowess?
I must admit that my favorite thing in the movie are the outfits that she wore.
The movie won the Oscar of Best Costume Design (Renié made all the women clothes!!).

So let’s take a look:

She wears 65 different outfits throughout the movie. SIXTY FIVE!!!!!!

To finish, look this AWESOME barbie  that Mapel made of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra:

Check the similarity…

I think I know what to ask this Christmas!!!! MUUUUM…

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