Old School…

Today is all about my vintage soul.

My constant search for balance between classic and modern always made me think about where I came from and it always reminds me to look back!

And I LOVE to look back… To those Glory Days when glamour and Couture were laws and when perfection and romance dictated all the trends.

Well, I know my vision is totally romantic and unreal… But if I can’t dream with the past and its beauty I have no idea what would I dream about!!! (Yeah, I know, but is my major inspiration!!! haha)

This saturday is my birthday and this is my post #49, so.. My post #50 will come as a birthday goft for you! ^^

But today I’m sharing a huge part of me with vintage images that, as you already know, I LOVE!!!
So enjoy it…


Hope you liked it!!

Paulo Clausen 


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8 responses to “Old School…

  1. Oh, wow wow wow! These are all just so beautiful to look at. Happy early birthday to you!

  2. oh my, these pictures are so inspiring. sometimes I wish I would have lived in another a few decades ago so I could wear all the amazing clothes they had..

  3. truly amazing, love photography and especially those old school artist! x


    fabulous Blog!

  4. awesome post! I really enjoyed it. this retro post is very magical!
    sorry for not been at your blog for a looong time, I promise to be better, dear!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. I sad everything, and I agree honey ❤

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