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Set Glamour to the Rain

I always loved rainy days. I’m always more creative, more nostalgic, get easily inspired…

Is always a good feeling when I see the sky slowly drops its tears with dark clouds and noisily scream with its thunders.

Theres also a romantic side in the rain that captivates me…
The romance is in the air, or maybe is the missing feeling of it, but I always got the feeling like being in a classic romantic movie.
The desire of be together, of dance in the rain, the need of write and love.
The rain brings me drama!

Once the rain gets you, you’re done!

Once you notice its beauty, its meaningless significance, you will feel like me… with a insane disposal to scream love out loud.

I hope you feel the same pleasure as I do!

This is a VERY special post, not just because rain means a lot to me…
But also because this is my post number 50!!!!!

And I only have to thank all of you followers, readers, friends for all the ideas and for always share your opinion with me!
I made friends with this blog, and I started to open myself to the world in a different way… But I could never do this without you!

Hope you keep following me, sweeties ^^


A rain of Champagne to GFD 😀


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Old School…

Today is all about my vintage soul.

My constant search for balance between classic and modern always made me think about where I came from and it always reminds me to look back!

And I LOVE to look back… To those Glory Days when glamour and Couture were laws and when perfection and romance dictated all the trends.

Well, I know my vision is totally romantic and unreal… But if I can’t dream with the past and its beauty I have no idea what would I dream about!!! (Yeah, I know, but is my major inspiration!!! haha)

This saturday is my birthday and this is my post #49, so.. My post #50 will come as a birthday goft for you! ^^

But today I’m sharing a huge part of me with vintage images that, as you already know, I LOVE!!!
So enjoy it…


Hope you liked it!!

Paulo Clausen 


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