The Sexy Almost

Like Hadley Freeman said once “your fashion decisions have, at least once, been dictated by the opportunity of having sex”.
And indeed, I agree. If someone ever ask me what is the motivation for fashion designers I would easily say…


I never known anyone who desired to be ugly… or dressed ugly. Never heard about one single person who didn’t want, at least, to looks good. Is a natural human instict to want to feel attractive.
Fashion is a heightened state of mind where your emotions and desires are increased to express your essence…
And nothing can exemplify better the human essence than sex.
Not a explicit sex, but the dance between two eyes, two mouths, two bodies in perfect tune conquesting each other with a harmonious combination of romance and wildness.
Labels, designers, stylists, photographers. Everyone uses sex as a way of expression but the pretiest ideas are about the “almost” moment and not about the “happening”.
Images that incites, that sharpen our imaginations are the best ones.
Maybe is an eye looking at you, a mouth smooking, a body form…
Is all about being sexy!
I always liked more the sexy photos then the sex ones. And that’s what I’m sharing with you today.
The most exciting side of sex is the moment before it really happens. All the magic, the tension.. Gosh, it kills me!
(Find her eyes in that photo and you’ll understand what I’m talking about!!!)
GFD is back to business babe!
Paulo Clausen
TNX to Milton De Paul from Fashion Tres for giving me inspiration 😉


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4 responses to “The Sexy Almost

  1. Agreed *-* Nice post baby!!! Luv ya ;***

  2. I LOVE the way it came out! and your photo selection was amazing as always!!! xoxo – Milton

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