The Little (Perfect) Black Dress

When a girl starts to look for a love, she realises that nothing is as easy as it seems.
She will miss a lot, will hang over with the wrong guys, maybe fall in love for a while but discover that wasn’t real love, meet new boys (maybe girls too), discover things she never thought about…

Until she finds THE ONE!

All the mistakes she made, also all the rights make her to create a sense and a maturity that guide her to a real love.


You know you need one, but until you find it you’ll hang out with the wrong style and fit.

A LBD don’t need explanation, just images!

And this wouldn’t be a G.F.D. with regular dresses, right?



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One response to “The Little (Perfect) Black Dress

  1. This is so true, about the perfect lbd! I have several black dressed but my favourite by far is by Preen, their power dress. I saw it on several models, I saved and saved and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is one of the great loves of my life, of course!

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