Down on Me

Once upon a time I was falling in love with high heels, now I’m only falling appart!
Day after day, hour after hour. Women can’t stand high all the time…


Do I hate heels? HELL NO, girl. But there’s so many cute and glamorous ballet flats nowadays, that no one can stay out of it.

So, as you pherraps realized, this post is about glam ballerina flats!

Wore since medieval times, men and women were addept to it,
until Catherine de’ Medici add inches to her owns. This inches became bigger and bigger over the time with a history of social division and a symbol of richness.


High heels took hearts away all over the world, centurys ago only mens used flats, classy women should wear at least a small heel (it’s a long, long history).


Luckily designers are taking them back since last century and the results are stylish and gorgeous ballet flats that can be used day and night…

OR NOT, even my grandma goout with heels! But I really respect who do this, to me it shows fierce.




If you’re still not convinceded, I have no idea what to do anymore.

LIE, a peacock flat always solve any problem!


Don’t be ashamed to go down, girl. Be true to yourself and send to hell whoever don’t like it!

(No more Piere, from now on I’ll be who I really am,
loving myself the way I was born!)


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6 responses to “Down on Me

  1. Me too! I love love love heels, but every girl needs a pair or two of flats. And these are all so lovely. I want them all. 🙂


  2. I love embellished flats! They add so much characterize.

  3. Well, I guess the frase “head over heels” isn`t really right anymore, is it? Maybe a few years from now we will say “head over flats” instead… I really love the flats that really look like Louboutin shoes, you know the black, purple and gold ones? Are they Louboutins?

  4. i just love ballet flats… i wear them to work every single day because somedays i stand for 12+ hours without a break and they’re the only kind of shoe that doesn’t hurt! i have a pretty decent collection, but you’ve just convinced me that i need to expand. i’ve been dying over the valentino rockstuds for months, thanks for reinstating my obsession haha (and thanks for the kind words on my blog, i’m glad you like it so much) <3shelby

  5. Love… love ballet flats, but those pointed toed ones look like they might hurt!! Would love to own a pair of CL flats, my dream pair of shoes!!

    PS: thanks for the blog love, always appreciate the blog comments.

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