30: I Dreamed a Diamond Dream

This is my post number 30, so I want to do something special!
Thank you all who follow me
and blessed the blog with comments and ideas!

I dreamed a fairyland last night.
A different world, sparkling flowers, golden butterflies.



Sweet sounds around me
The magical smell of the flowers,
A bright silver lake.
Everything here glows as I’ve never seen before.





Animals walking beside me,
Trees whispering soft songs,








Just light growing around me.
Everuthng radiate light
And I can barelly see.




I can not distinguish anything now
But the clean voice of a fairy
Tells me to follow my dream and be who I really am.

She tells me to blieve in the magic…

But this I always did!


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6 responses to “30: I Dreamed a Diamond Dream

  1. Wait, this is only your 30th post? Ever? How’d you get so good?!

  2. Dena

    stunning stunning…. x

  3. Congrats on post number 30!!!


  4. ahhh if only we could all have such a collection!!! love this post! gorgeous photos as always!

  5. CinZilicious

    Big congrats on your 30th post and keep it going!!=D Love all the bling blings going on here!


  6. The older I get the most interested I am in costume jewellery such as you’ve featured here. Lots of great images. Happy 30th post!! Look forward to the next 30, of course 🙂


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