Gone With the Leopard

I never told this to anyone else before. I was afraid of what would people say, but I can’t control it anymore…


Oh God, I said that! What? Am I not the onl one????

YEEEEEE!!! But I always know that, I just needed a bit of drama in this post!

There’s a fierce factor in all animal prints!
Confinance, power, luxury, passion, drama
Everything is maximized when a woman wear it!


It’s a trend for next year, but I guess animals never were out.

Yeah, yeah, Yves and Dior were the greates percusros of all animal prints, but I really L.O.V.E the way Cavalli shows it!
Actually he is the designer who most use it. His brightest dresses had at least one detail in animal-prints.



Dresses, suits, pants, scarves, shoes…
Aptions are uncountable if you want to be a safari girl, but I’m warning you:







Don’t be afraid of try it out. There to many people saying this is over, but we know it will never ends.

I love this eternal trend, and hope you start to like it too. 😉


Thanks to my dear friend Giovanna for the idea!


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12 responses to “Gone With the Leopard

  1. oh, great shots dear! animal trend is very nice

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment!!! I like your blog too, expecially the last one post!!!

    Come back soon, I’ll be waiting for you!!


  3. I love animal prints! SO pretty 🙂 Happy to find another Hermes and bag fan! ❤

  4. I am with you! I adore animal prints! Just can’t get enough – ever! love these photos!

    Happy Friday:)


  5. once again I love your post ! LOVE LOVE leopard print, the first pic is my favorite !!


  6. I enjoyed your post so much


  7. I love animal print! Any kind! So of course I love this post especially the picture with Naomi..]

    All the best, Angel

  8. thank u for your lovely comment!! well don’t worry we all love tasteful animal prints! lovely photos of different animal prints!!

  9. CinZilicious

    Yes girl, bring it on man!!! I especially loveeeeeeeeee leopard print stuff!!! I always get distracted when i see anything that is leopard printed, be it bags, shoes, top, dresses, skirts, and etc..i just wont pair them up altogether..that would be OTT!!! lol

    Hope u have a great wkend ahead!


  10. OK! I OFFICIALLY love you lol. I use to be one who was not a fan of the animal prints. I saw one cheetah clutch & fell in love & have adored animal print since. I heart it with solid pieces more so the print can be subtle yet stand out. Great post darling.

  11. OMG I’m crazy over leopard print anything!!! Today’s post is a new Mel Made leopard piece!! 🙂


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