Taking a Break!

I need to rest, take a little vacation to take back my ideas!

YES, unfortunatelly I’ll need to do a little blog vacation! As the gorgeous Brit from Style on the Couch said to me “When inspiration gets hard you should stop, throw yourself into the things you love, and watch the inspiration come back twofold.” and, of course, I TOTALLY agreed with her!
(YOU NEED TO TAKE A LOOK AT HER BLOG, HER STYLE IS JUST STUNNING, REALLY! She’s like my female version, just don’t tell her about it!! heheheheh LUV U girl!)

Anyway, I won’t say good bye, because I’ll be waiting for you when I get back!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! You make me happy with your comments, ideas and critics! You have no idea how important is to me when people enjoy my “work” once everyone else judged me for the same reasons!
I have you and your blogs deeply in my heart!!!!!

So, you may laugh but those photos make me feel in vacation, so enjoy it while I’m out!!!!



So Sweeties, Hope you don’t forget me! hehhe




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10 responses to “Taking a Break!

  1. Aww… we’ll miss you, but I totally understand! We all need a break sometimes. See you when you get back. 🙂

  2. styleonthecouch

    You are so sweet. You’re like my twin from another mother, indeed 🙂 Have a good mini break, let us know when you are back to the blog, and we’ll wait and see what inspiration you have when you return!!

    Your comment on my blog was so lovely – thank you so much x


  3. Have a great vacation!

  4. I hope you find your break very refreshing!!! It’s always needed sometimes 🙂

  5. hope your break gives you relaxation! xoxo


  6. vacations are needed for everyone! good luck and take care! we’ll be here when you’ll come back!

    Inside and Outside Blog

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