There’s something that kind of defines my personality: my passion for the past.
Mostly the glam part of it (yeah, yeah, big news!).
And last week, I’ve been  really into this. The Royal Wedding (did you heard about that? No?) brought me a nostalgic feeling for traditions and vintage things, and I’m still in this magical atmosphere (is really, really weird: feels like I’m floating alone and that, strangely, makes me happy!).

I won’t prolong it, but will tell you a thing about this wedding.
Guess what… It inspired me.

Tons of things in that event made me dream, but in the moment I saw Kate “Gorgeous” Middleton in that marvelous McQueen I said: “Grace Kelly must be getting CRAZY in her grave right now!”

Well, you’ve seen Kate’s dress. They are very different, but when I first saw her, I thought this! But yes, they’re both stunning!!!)

Soooo, this post will be about the ONE AND ONLY…


One of the most beautiful woman ever, and the prettier princess of all time, she is a legend of cinema and style icon until our days (and it seems that will be long be!). Hermès has a bag inspired by her (one of their best selling items) and beloved by fashionistas all over the world, she brought elegance to Hollywood in times when voluptous women, like Marilyn and Bardot, were the great sensations.
So this post is about Grace inspirating nowadays fashion.









Forever glorious, stylish ans inspirational!
Forever in our hearts, Grace Kelly.



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12 responses to “WE HEART GRACE!

  1. Shes gorgeous! So elegant 🙂 Happy Monday xx

  2. love this post, Grace was so pretty and classic, such an icon!

  3. Gorgeous and inspirational pics ❤

    Hehe thank you dear:D


  4. such an icon – stunningly beautiful photo choices!

  5. Ashley

    Grace Kelly is like the beacon of light at the end of my style tunnel. Love that woman.

  6. thank you, you are so lovely! ❤
    I adore this post. In my opinion, Grace Kelly is THE most beautiful woman. Can't get enough of her pictures..

  7. Les Filles de Mi

    Yes yes yes! I love that you took this spin on the Royal Wedding. Also loved your last post on hair styles. I can tell your love for the finer, classic, and timeless pieces and I think that is fabulous. 🙂

    Great job with all of your inspiring posts!

    xx, katie

  8. OMG i love this post. i’m dying over old-school, high-class, lady-like styles and grace kelly is the epitome of all of these and extreme elegance. she is so timeless and inspiring… i swear i can feel my heart melting over that last photo. thank you so much for sharing <3shelby


  9. thanks for sharing this inspirational post, and these are beautfiul women and styles of the decades….=)

  10. So stunning, classy, elegant and fabulous!!!


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