Brown Temptation

“Is the most wonderful time of the year.”
That is what the music says about Christmas, but to me,

I could play good boy and say it is about renovation, reborn and everything else, of course this really matters, but if I say that’s all about Easter would not be true…


When april comes, I have cacao dreams every night, I smell chocolate everywhere I go, I miss this flavor every single day.
I feel like an addicted, need chocolate to survive more than need oxygen.




And a weird thing is that chocolate always remind me sex, beauty and sensuality.
Maybe because numerous of women preffer chocolate to wine, people who eat chocolate regularly have a better sex life or just because a good chocolate give us a satisfaction and a pleasure that is ALMOST unique (it’s obvious the comparison!).

Hope you get brown dreams, because I’m preparing a post for Easter!!


(Yeah, this is Heidi Klum – Germans are the people that most consume chocolate in the world!)



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3 responses to “Brown Temptation

  1. CinZilicious

    That looks finger licking yummilicious!!! hahahaha…i an a chocolate addict so thx for this post!!!

    And gosh, i can’t blame u for associatin choc with sex!!! i mean, just look at Heidi Klum covered in chocolate sauce,haha


  2. Dena

    Hi, thanks for dropping by and leaving such lovely comment. I’m a chocoholic too. LOVE IT!!!! esp Galaxy chocolate, ever tried it?

    Stay in touch, lovely blog.
    Dena x

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