Glam Airport in 5 Steps

I always feel different every single time that my feet touch an airport floor.
I don’t know if it happens because of the sounds all around me,
If  the reason are the smells of the place,
Or my excitement to go traveling.
I only know that one reason is the magnificent outfits that people use to travel…

Well, at least they should wear!!!!! That’s why I bring you…

See how easy is that…

1 – 300 Pounds Luggage
You have no idea how will the weather be, so take more baggage than the airplane can support.
Of course you’ll make a scene when they want to charge the surplus, but you can’t miss the opportunity of see everyone in the airport looking how fancy you are.

2 –  A Magnificent Trench Coat
How could you be glam without a trench coat? It completes a travel diva’s look, not to mention the mysterious air that your aura will get. Without a coat you will never get the glam airport outfit.

3 – Glam Sunglasses
Traveling in daylight? Use sunglasses. Oh, it’s at night? WEAR SUNGLASSES!!! No one need to see how tired you are, much less your under circles. Well, with all the flashes your vision get kind of blurred, it’s very usefull too… (I’m supposing you’re all celebrities, right?)

4 – Medium Heels
If they are extremely high, you’ll never get confortable enough to travel, AND EVERYONE WILL NOTICE IT. Medium heels will looks way more natural and will seems that you don’t care. VEEERY GLAM!

Do I need to say more?

And now, for our inspiration…
The greatest diva of our times: DITA

Hope you use this DIY!
Love you!!


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11 responses to “Glam Airport in 5 Steps

  1. cam

    i wanna the blue suitfcase ;-))

    great post 😉

  2. i love that photo of dita!

  3. Thanks for your comment dear!
    I followed you blog, its awesome.
    I’m so glad I found your blog. I love your style.

  4. Great post! I have to admit… feeling like an important figure during travels is pretty fun haha. Suitcases get tossed around so much that I wouldn’t think about getting LV suitcases unless I was swimming in $$$ and wouldn’t care about it getting damaged.

    Love all the photos in your blog ^^

  5. Awesome post! Completely agree with it. I travel way too much and have strict rules when traveling. I always say dress up and choose style over comfort. You never know who you will run into at an airport!

    All the best, Angel

  6. I know it’s practically blasphemous but I actually really don’t like Dita and the worst thing is I have no idea why. Probably because she makes me feel inferior!

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog ^_^

    Please vote for me to win Westfield’s blogger style competition!

  7. me encanta♥

  8. Great post!!!, i love traveling and one if the things I always do to figure out what type of shoes to wear is checkout how big the airport is. Medium heels would be perfect for most airports, but airports like Heathrow, Hong Kong and Frankfurt were you have to walk miles to the baggage claim points…spare pair of ballet flats will go a long way. As for luggage I wish i could afford those LV bags….even just one…*drools*

    PS: thanks for the lovely blog comment, checking out your blog too and i love it…

  9. Haha, I loved reading this!! The first point is hilarious!!

  10. NIce Web site . Excellent blog . Time is of the essence its running every day and every second .

  11. Bitches get all crazy most of the time you need to train them good so they can stay in line . Like Ceaser mllian the dog whisperer .

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