Thanks to France!

Once upon a time, there was a lady wanting to be a sculptress.
Luckily she became one of the most amazing fashion designer of all time: Alix Barton, who became MADAME GRÈS.

As if all women were greek goddesses, Grés (name of her husband Serge from back to front) dressed them in shapes that always valued their natural forms. Abusing of draped, create ethereal dresses (almost always in white, just like sculptures) that always instigated people to try to understand how could she hide miles and miles of fabric in one “simple” dress.

Against the trends of her time, her dresses was very unstructured, unadorned and extremely well constructed (well, I guess she never losted her sculptress soul) and for this reason Grès was a Haute Couture Fashion House. And just to you know that should idolize her SHE CREATE THE BLACK TUBE DRESS!!!!

I can’t never stop admiring the perfection of this details…

(YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN THINK TWICE, YOU HAVE TO OPEN FULL SIZE!!!!!!) oooooh, so kilt, that rhymed!!!!! [NOT]

One of all the thing I love about that woman, is the fact that lots of times she made the dress on the client’s body.
Used to sat that the fabric should speak by itself and molded to embrace the woman body.

Im my perception, every single Grès piece is timeless, even because occasionally a dress looking a lot like hers appears (if I were of her family, I would be rich requiring copyright).

Now tell me, what would be fashion without France?

Dreams of silk jersey for you!!!



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2 responses to “Thanks to France!

  1. Cat

    Just gorgeous – so unbelievably gorgeous. If i were designing my wedding dress it would be in the spirit of these dresses.
    From the photos they appear to be on display somewhere – Paris perhaps?

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