I lived all my life in a house with four women. FOUR!!!!
Today, I’m pretty sure that their PMS have always been matched just for the pleasure of annoy me!!

Oh girl, you have NO IDEA of how expert I became with this. That’s why I bring you a tutorial to make your PMS a huge atack of glamour.

1 – Play the Diva

If you will get angry, anxious or in a huge depression, MAKE OF THIS AN ACT!!!!

Throw things out the window, cups in the wall, do NOT get out of bed while make everyone your slave.
When it has already bored you…




2 – Play the Innocent

“No one understands my pain! Why don’t you love me? Don’t you know how it hurts? You never passed by what I’m going through!”

Along to this second phase is the third…

3 – Cry them Rivers

A diva never cries, she drops liquid diamonds through her eyes while she makes a scene of glamorous bipolarity. Everyone that hated you in the other stages, will show you their love.

But you NEED to cry for anything and for everything, or you won’t be the diva.




4 – Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow

For a normal PMS, you would eat tones of junk with no elegance or sense of glamour. BUT THIS IS A DIVA PMS!!!

Want Chocolate? Want ice cream, fries, cakes, chicken, pizza and pasta? OK, but choose amazing brands that makes people jealous. If you think you’re fierce enough, eat all at once, getting dirty and sexually fabulous spreading cake all over your body
Be sure someone will find you.



5 – The Grand Finale

You’re finishing a journey of madness and love by your ego and you’re the only one knowing how exhaustive was to get beautiful throughout the process.
It’s the time for head pains and cramps. Let the world know feel it with you, calling all your friends, lovers and relatives. To make it memorable, tell them all you’ve been through in this amazing (or not) week.




Well, I never said would be easy!!

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