Forever Young

In this incarnation, God gave a extra piece between my legs that bothers my alter ego that, luckily [NOT], it’s a GIRL.
And NO, her name is NOT Sasha Fierce, Anything Aguillera or Lady Whatever you Want To)!!

Classical, romantic, stupid and weird as you could never imagine, she is extremely obsessed with eternal youth. She wants plastic surgeries, botox, face lifts and everything else she can buy. But I was wondering: why buy a new body, if you can wear youth?

Now tell me, which wardrobe item can be more timeless and ageless than a coat?

I don’t think it is about dress yourself ass youg ass you can (you’ll look like a stupid and old wannabe), but wear timeless itens that a 15 or a 70 years old woman can use without looks displaced from their ages.

(Oh yes, I love Burberry and Viktor & Rolf!!!)

Hope you like It!!


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Filed under Fashion, Hollywood Glam, Timeless

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